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Watching the fantasies decay: about the blogger

Name Virginija
Will you answer all questions truthfully yes
Are you single  I was born and I will die single…
Are you happy no
Are you Italian  no
Are you German no
Are you Asian no
Are you angry? sometimes…
Are you Irish no
Are your parents still married unfortunately, yes

Birth Place Kaunas
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color grayish blue. If that makes any sence…
Birthday April 1st
Mood hungry
Gender female
Lefty or Righty righty
Summer or winter summer… I miss warm wheater…
Morning or afternoon afternoon

Are you in love if being obsessed with someone who is twice your age is called love, then yes I am.
Do you believe in love at first sight no
Who ended your last relationship what is relationship?
Have you ever broken someone’s heart I doubt it
Are you afraid of commitments no
Have you hugged someone within the last week? yes
Have you ever had a secret admirer have you seen my face?
Have you ever broken your own heart? um, yes?

Love or lust love
Lemonade or iced tea neither
Cats or Dogs dogs!
A few best friends or many regular friends a few best friends
Television or internet  internet
Pepsi or Coke neither
Wild night out or romantic night in  night in

Day or night night
IM or Phone  phone

Been caught sneaking out no
Fallen down/up the stairs yes
White water rafted no
Finished an entire jawbreaker no
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? yes
Prank called a store no
Skipped school still doing it
Wanted to disappear all the time

Smile or eyes both
Light or dark hair for a guy dark hair
Fat or skinny doesn’t matter
Shorter or Taller taller
Intelligence or Attraction both
Hook-up or Relationship  relationship
Funny and poor OR rich and serious funny and poor. Like meJ

Last Phone Call my mom
Last phone call you received my  driving instructor
Last person you hung out with my sister
Last thing you ate a cookie
Last thing you drank coffee
Last site you went to tumblr
Last place you were home

Are you in a committed relationship have you seen my face?
When was your last relationship a billion years ago, when I wasn’t born 
Do you still love them -

Do you and your family get along  only with my mom and sister.
Would you say you have a “messed up life” isn’t that obvious?
Have you ever run away from home no
Have you ever gotten kicked out no
If so, how long -


Do you secretly hate one of your friends uh, I secretly dislike everyone
Do you consider all of your friends good friends not really, I have no real friends only aqueintenses.

Who are/is your best friend(s) no one
Who knows everything about you no one

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